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Nowadays, women are facing several challenges but with one common question : how to succeed on all levels like career, relationships, motherhood while following their dreams and thriving in life ?

Most of them lack taking care of themselves which is a priority if they want to reach their goals.

The pressure is huge and reinforced by the medias especially social medias with all this “perfect life” pictures… #compareanddespair

I have created this blog at first to help women in need of a healthier life both with food and lifestyle. My goal was to share my burn-out experience and what I’ve done to feel better.

It’s not simple (telling you that it is, would be a lie my friend 😉) and it’s a daily work but we can live our life, pursuing our dreams and enjoying every bite of it (and because there is no such thing as a sh… life)!



For years, I’ve followed the same path: working more than 50 hours a week, not taking care of myself and not taking the time to enjoy my beloved ones. I was conscious about the importance of my food choices but still, I was eating at my desk whilst staring at a computer screen, if not eating at all. All of these leads to strange behaviors and all I was craving at the moment was SUGAR!

I started to notice several symptoms like eczema, vertigos, buzzing ears and hurting back… And all I was doing was drinking tons of coffee thinking I’ll be just fine. I’ve hidden my situation until I burnt-out…

So for my family and for ME, I have decided to switch things to get better. I’ve made my health and my well-being my priority.

I’ve understood that my search for perfection was only leading me to perpetual dissatisfaction. So I’ve decided to accept who I was: a perfect imperfection.

When you start taking charge of your own health & wellbeing, you start changing your perspective towards your life. When you’re less stressed, you’re more open to new possibilities that seemed impossible until then.

And everything started to get into place. It took time but my life has changed…

I’ve learnt to listen to my body, how to nourish it on and off the plate, to take care of it. I understood how my way of life has contributed to destroy my health both mentally and physically (and the link between the two).

But what I’ve understood is ME ! I’ve learnt who I really am, what I need to feel better and what I want (and don’t want) in life.

To be able to share it with others, I trained myself to become a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


Because I believe we all have a mission on earth and that we are all unique. 

Completely burnt-out, I saw myself as a failure at first but today I can say that I am stronger than ever.

This experience has had a huge impact on who I am now and I want to share it with other women.

I discovered that what nourish us is not only on a plate but also off the plate.

And I can help you find out what you need : your true nature!

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Some (fun) facts about me?
  • I've met my husband at high school.

  • We married in Las Vegas sky diving during one of our trip to US.

  • I’m a geek !

  • I’m a big fan of TV shows. My favorite are GoT, Outlander, The Last Kingdom, Vikings (I know all violent but I can assure you I’m super kind !). And my favorites of all times : Buffy the vampire slayer and… Friends!

My trainings

My certifications are from 2 different health coaching trainings as I wanted to mix it up between a global and general approach with an emphasize on the coaching techniques and an ancestral approach as I believe we need to go back to our roots to understand how we work. 

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach  – Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York – USA)

  • Primal Health Coach – Primal Health Coach Institute (Miami Beach – USA)

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