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Why you should have listened to your mom and eat your fruits & veggies?

lifestyle Jan 14, 2019

For so many years, at least as a child, you probably heard your mom (or your granny) telling you to eat your veggies. Or maybe you saw some ads or health magazines to eat fruits and veggies because it’s good for your health.

But do you really know why? If you think, it’s because it’s a good way to maintain your weight, well, that’s true but that’s a limited point of view.


In this post, I’ll focus on one amazing power of fruits and veggies in your body: how they reduce acidity in your body.

Because, we all know, that they “should” be part of our daily life but we’re often missing the point. I did until I realize how beneficial they really are for my health.

I am a firm believer that we need to listen to our body needs. In front of natural foods, our body knows what’s best for him and what he needs. Remember the last time you were facing a big fruit plate, how did you feel?

If you felt guilty because you think you need to limit your fruits intake, then stop thinking that way. Fruits are nature’s gifts as well as veggies. And I think it’s way better to eat more fruits and stop your sugar cravings than completely failed in front of a jar of Nutella because you were trying to repress your cravings.


Hint : eating natural sugary foods will slow down your sugar cravings for processed foods.

And don’t try to hijack your brain with artificial sweeteners, he will see the trick at a point.

But I digress, so let’s get back to our fruits and veggies.


One of the most important factors about food is how it affects the pH of your body.

Foods can be splitted in 2 categories : food with an acid reaction in your body and food with an alkaline reaction. This has nothing to do with the pH of the food itself but HOW it react in your body.

To be in good health, your body needs to be in balance between what alkalinize him or acidify him. Indeed, your body is always working to find a balance - what we call “homeostasis”. And what you eat or how you live will affect this balance.


Alkaline-forming foods

Foods that are alkaline-forming will help your body to detoxify, to regenerate. They will cool and soothe inflamed issues, heal ulcerations and enhance cellular function (by the way, your body is composed of around 30 trillions of cells that are uniques and functions like several plants to provide you the energy you need to live).

These foods leave mainly calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ash after they’ve been digested, yielding mainly an alkaline reaction.

You must know that as humans, we are predominantly an alkaline species. Most of our fluids are (or should be) alkaline, like the blood, saliva, urine, cerebral fluids and digestive enzymes (except in the stomach). If this fluids become acidic, they will have catastrophic effects on your body, i.e. your cells will live in this acidic environment and will become sick. That means YOU will become sick…  

A good example on why alkalization is important is found in E.R. When someone arrives in ER, most of the time, she will receive an intravenous with normal saline, which is a sodium solution aka “the great alkalizer” because this helps reverse acidosis.


Acid-forming foods

On the opposite, acid-forming foods slow, inhibit or stop detoxification in your body.

These foods are inflammatory, that means they will burn your body from the inside. Acids can become free radicals, causing tissue damage unless linked to an antioxidant (which is alkaline) and removed. Acids are necessary, however, for ionization and oxidation. But shouldn’t be the bulk of our food.

Acid foods are high in sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen. They are irritants to the cells of the body, invoking an immune response. This causes your body to respond with mucus and lymph cells creating congestive issues.


Do you feel that your lungs, sinuses, ears and throat become congested ? Try to notice, when it appears, what you just ate.

And your body is constantly trying to eliminate this congestion through processes like colds and flus, bronchitis, sneezing and coughing.

The immune system becomes suppresses and overworked  as it battles this insult to the body. And this eventually leads to chronic and degenerative issues.


Remember: what you don’t eliminate, you accumulate.

The problem in our modern culture, is that many people eat predominantly acid foods hence all the inflammations (all finishing in -itis like artritis, sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis...), ulcerations, congestive disorders, and cancers that dominate our world nowadays.

Acid foods include all meats, eggs, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, pasteurized dairy products to name a few while alkaline foods include, amongst others, fresh fruits and vegetables.

And because I really value your health, click on the button below to download your Alkaline/Acid Food Chart as a reminder.


benefits of fruits and veggies


To have a good balance in your body and help him detoxify, you should eat at least 80-90% alkaline-forming foods and only 10-20% of acid food.

Remember, because human beings are an alkaline species, our bodies are made to digest and process predominately alkaline-forming foods which will bring you health and vitality!

I know that sounds a lot, but think about it : fruits and veggies are how Mother Nature gives us the energy to live. We’re all part of nature and we need natural foods to help us thrive.

Nature always gets it right!


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